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Launch, beach and move your boat around on your own wherever you venture and prevent costly damage caused by dragging your boat ashore.

Beachmaster launching wheels are specifically designed for launching and landing various types of small land based craft at walking speed.


  • Very fast, reliable and easy to use action - especially useful in cold and/or rough conditions afloat.  

  • Low profile and compact when retracted for unhindered outboard operation.

  • Automatic locking in both up and down positions.

  • The retracted mechanism is tensioned eliminating vibration and the wheel is rotationally locked at the same time for operational safety.  

  • One handed operation with large easily accessible quick release catches and handles. 

  • Fast (5 seconds) removable option available (shown).

  • Integral handle located above the wheel for clean hands. 

  • Shallow water retract and deploy with the wheel grounded.  

  • Shallow water drive match for most outboards.

  • Light weight and positively buoyant with all round strength.

  • Tough pneumatic rubber tires, smooth and quiet running.

  • Quality components.

  • Made in New Zealand.

Boat Wheels. Dinghy Wheels. Launching Wheels.

U.S Patent No. 8091903, AU Patent No. 2009251118 

NZ Patent No. 582291, other patents pending.


The Patented BEACHMASTER Autolock system is light and strong as well as being extremely fast, easy and clean to operate without touching the wheels.


Beachmaster boat wheels unique over-centre locking mechanism compactly encapsulates and locks the wheel against the transom when retracted, then extends in use to form a cross braced frame for high strength in all directions. 


They are designed to be used with outboards in shallow water drive mode so they can be operated close to shore.


Their very fast and easy to use auto-locking action up and down is an essential feature for launching and landing safely on surf beaches and fast flowing rivers or when conditions afloat are rough.


A reassuring click instantly lets you know the wheels are securely locked home in both the up and down positions.


The retracted wheel is locked and prevented from spinning which provides a secure handhold for safety when working around the outboard.


The retracted mechanism is tensioned eliminating vibrations.

The easy to reach handle located above the wheel and the non-jamming up-and-away motion of the mechanism enables the wheels to be easily deployed and retracted in the shallowest possible water. Beachmaster dinghy wheels are not jammed by the buoyancy of the tire or grounding as can be the case with other systems.


The low visual profile and compact retracted position of Beachmaster launching wheels against the transom allows for normal unhindered operation of the boat and outboard motor.


They have quiet and smooth running, large, quality, Nylon reinforced, 4 ply rated pneumatic tires, 10.5" diameter x 3.5" width (266mm x 88mm) with polypropylene rims and nylon bearings for durability and Butyl tubes for reliability.


Being self contained there are no separate parts to stow or lose or pins to fit. They are always instantly ready for action.


For light weight, strength and durability the wheel system is manufactured with marine grade boat building Aluminum.


The mounting bracket measures 5.5" x 8" and is effectively designed to distribute the wheel loads to 4 widely spaced bolts. 



Recommended for boat lengths up to 12 feet. (3.6 m)

Recommended for outboards up to 15 hp.

Recommended working load 220 lbs (100 kg) per set.

Maximum load limit 440 lbs (200 kg) per set on hard smooth surfaces for both fixed and removable mount types.

Recommended tyre pressures 5psi (soft surfaces) to 15psi (hard surfaces).

Fixed Mount Weight: approx. 5.3 lbs (2.4 kg) per wheel. 
Removable Mount Weight: approx. 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg) per wheel. 

Two mounting options are available: Permanently Fixed mount or Removable mount.

Both types are shown below.



Boat Wheels. Dinghy Wheels. Launching Wheels.



Boat Wheels. Dinghy Wheels. Launching Wheels. Detachable, Removable, Quick Reelease




The removable mount option is the ideal solution for use with roll up inflatable boats and other applications where it is desirable to easily remove the wheel system from the transom.  8 small stainless steel mounting studs (3/4" diameter) remain permanently attached to the transom. The wheel brackets are placed onto the studs and locked in position with thumb catches. See video here.

4 Studs per wheel

(8 per set supplied)

Stud fitted with bolt

( Bolts are not supplied -

see fitting instructions(5) for details)

Wheel mounted

catch open

Wheel mounted

catch locked

Catch open
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