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Please email any photos and comments you can share to Jenny at:

Hello Jenny,


1. Fitted!! See pictures attached.


2. Set of three when my engineer fitted the lugs. We used 6mm GRP panels (cut from some he had made up for another job and painted grey to try to match the hull aluminium) to provide clearance from the transom lip. Inside we used plastic head covers for hex nuts to trim and also to save our fingers and legs from cuts.


3. Set of three on our RIB's first outing to Holy Island, Northumberland, England. In the one on the slipway, Lindisfarne Castle is in the background.


4. We could not do without these wheels!!


Best Regards


Fitting beachmaster wheels
Installing Beachmaster wheels
Beachmaster Wheels installation
Genuine Beachmaster Wheels UK
Real Beachmaster wheels UK
Real Beachmaster wheels UK

G’day Jenny and Beachmaster Geniuses!


Thought I would share some pics of a couple of, I think, quite good ideas that made the fitting of my new Beachmaster wheels on my new dinghy a breeze. The boat is an inflatable Achilles SPD 290 roll-up, so it is small and with narrow transom. Plus the deck drainage hole is up to one side near the tube. This made positioning of the wheels quite delicate, and your templates were put to excellent use:


Rather than blu-tack (which kept slipping about) I simply slung each wheel from the transom with a short piece of rope hung over the transom and held there with a small clamp. Clamped over the rope on both sides of the transom, so the clamp is not even touching the transom and is not carrying any weight at all, the transom is doing all of that; the clamp is simply to stop the rope slipping. Any kind of clamp would do, like that shown, a G-clamp or even a big bulldog-clip. Everyone would have something that would do the job. This allowed the wheels to be very precisely located, before drilling anything. Thereafter, fixing as per your instructions, with just a big reminder to everyone to really loosen the studs before final tightening with the boat supported on the wheels, don’t just slacken off the nuts a little as you would normally think – because there are four of them and they all need to locate perfectly really loosen them so that everything is a bit wobbly, and then progressively tighten in a criss-cross configuration. Pulls everything up nicely and plate slips on and off the four studs perfectly. You must work quite quickly doing this, as everything is full of sealant and you don’t want that to set until it is all tightened up

Installing Dinghy Wheels
Achilles dinghy wheels

Came out well. The wheels are closer together than would have been preferred, but it runs around nicely and the drain-plug at the side was not restricted at all for fitting and removing the plug.


I finished it all off with little 10mm soft plastic chair leg feet, trimmed down a bit and fixed with the sealant over the inside bolts, so that you don’t catch your legs or feet on them when in the boat, and to protect the boat when it is rolled up and put away.

Suggest grabbing some Sikaflex Marine 291 or similar and a clamp of some sort before you start. Oh, and a longer than normal 6mm drill bit, 12cm-14cm long or thereabout, will make it so much easier.


Dunno if any of this will help anyone else, but feel free to pop it on your website if you think that it might. I am super-chuffed with the outcome of mine. The Beachmaster wheel setup is very solid and sturdy, work perfectly and with a simple one-handed operation. The best design I can imagine; you guys must be very proud of yourselves – well done, and thanks!



Dean, Perth Australia

Hello there,


We used our dinghy with your wheels attached for the first time last week. Sailed into Snells Beach, NZ and went visiting.

Wonderful!! Easy to attach and take off and I am vey easily able to wheel the dinghy up the beach myself and with one hand!.

Makes going ashore sooo much easier.

See attached photo.



Bernadette Cornille

New Zealand

Dinghy Launching New Zealand

Hi Jenny,


Simply the Best. These are the most well thought out and engineered dingy wheels that exist. Highest quality throughout. An absolute must for any water adventurer. 



Maine, USA

Dinghy Adventure Wheels Maine USA

Hi Beachmaster,

I’m so pleased with the launching wheels. Very sturdy, great design and easy to use. My 15 yo son easily launched the boat and retrieved the boat by him self. I’d recommend these to anyone.

John Foster

Dinghy Launching Victoria Australia

"Dear Beachmaster/Jenny,

Thank you for the great product. Since I was building my own dinghy I knew I had to have them.  All other dinghy wheels are plastic and look like they will break after a few rides up the beach. I bought the removable version as I don't want them on all the time.
I have attached a photo of my nearly complete CLC Tenderly dinghy.



Beautiful CLC Tenderly Dinghy

Beachmaster Jenny,


I got in the water this weekend for the maiden voyage of my home built dinghy and got some shots. The wheels made a HUGE difference in being able to pull it off the back of the truck to putting it down the ramp.  I am truely in love with these!

Unfortunately the wife forgot to take the picture of me rolling it down the launch ramp but I did get a shot of me maneuving the wheels into the upright position.

I hope these work well with the other picture I sent!




Virginia, USA

Chesapeake Light Craft 10 ft Tenderly Dinghy
CLC Custom Rowing / Sailing Dinghy
Chesapeak Light Craft  Tenderly dinghy
Chesapeake Light Craft Dinghy Wheels

Dear Beachmaster/Jenny

It's some years since last we were in touch - when I ordered a pair of removable wheels, since fitted and serving perfectly 
on my US-made Jon boat that emerges from storage when my village is at risk of flooding.
And when flooding hits, the combination of boat and wheels is invaluable: they're used to ferry people, shopping and all sorts up and down roads, sometimes afloat and sometimes on tarmac.
Altogether, they're absolutely brilliant and greatly appreciated - thank you!




Flooding rescue Jon Boat with wheels
Flood rescue Jon Boat / Beachmaster Wheels
Jon Boat Flood Rig
Jon Boat for floods, electric outboard  Beachmaster wheels
Flood rescue boat
Flood rescue boat
Flood releif boat
Flood evacuation boat

Hi Jenny,

Here I send you three pictures of our newly mounted retractable wheels on the beach in Corsica.
We could not do without them any more.
Great system which works flawless! Good old Kiwi ingenuity!!!



Beachmaster Wheels Germany
Beachmaster dinghy wheels Germany
Beachmaster Transom Wheels

Hi Jenny

Got the wheels and was super eager to fit them.

Did not take long at all.

I had the plastic style fold up wheels before. After using the Beachmaster wheels the plastic ones are just toys.

Fold up and down so easy.

One thing that was great was the ease we could get it up a rocky beach.

Here is a few pics on a couple of beaches on Hinchinbrook Island QLD.





Beachmaster Wheels QLD Australia
Beachmaster transom Wheels QLD Australia

I purchased a set of removable Beachmaster wheels for my 12ft Zodiac Cadet 360 RIB with a 20HP Suzuki engine, and I LOVE them! We've adventured to and beached our Zodiac, The Spook, on many of the islands in Salem and Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA.


We received compliments from the boatyard that helped us install them, and other boaters have said they're jealous of our rig when they see us pull right up onto the rocky New England shore.


Soon, I'll be scuba diving from The Spook and tucking into island nooks and crannies to hunt for lobster and scout the perfect picnic spots. Happy boating!




Zodiac boat wheels USA
Zodiac Inflatable boat wheels, Massachusetts, USA.

The Beachmaster wheels in the down position allow me to access Black Water Wildlife Refuge in southern Maryland USA using the soft boat launch.
When the wheels are folded up in the stored position they are out of the way of the motor and create no drag when moving.
Overall I am extremely pleased.



John Boat Launching Wheels Maryland USA
John Boat wheels USA
Crestliner John boat wheels Maryland USA
John Boat with wheels

Hello Jenny 


Detachable wheels installed on Highfield 2.4 rollup inflatable. Your pdf templates were invaluable to determine whether they would fit. 

There is a 30mm lip at the bottom of the transom plus an angle bar on the inside that holds the inflatable floor down. 

I used 20 mm marine ply (sealed) to mount the plate on to clear the lip and reinforce the aluminium transom. It had to be set as low as possible so one bolt would fit under the angle bar inside with room for the large washer. 

I used polymorph plastic pellets to fashion covers for the ends of the bolts on the inside for extra protection of the inflatable floor. 

Not as neat a Neil Downing's aluminium plates but just another solution to get over the larger transom lip. 

Anyway, it's done and I'm delighted. (It works well on the living room floor). 


Best wishes 

Colin Worner

Sydney Australia

Highfield dinghy wheels installation
Highfield dinghy wheels installation
Highfield launching wheels install
Wheels for Highfield boat with transom lip

Living aboard our Hans Christian 33 full time means we had to fit our Beachmaster wheels using the foredeck as our workshop, but it was an easy process. As you can see, I AM NOW MASTER OF THE BEACH. And it's all thanks to your remarkably well designed and engineered product. 

Dene and Pam Waring
SV Starfish, NZ

Boat Launching Wheels New Zealand
Boat Launching

Hi Beachmaster ,
What can I say. Delivery arrived to me in Wollongong NSW Australia in around 5 days. Packaged well with no issues.
Install was very easy. My friend has a set on his 300 wanderer. My Son has a 335 Savage Gull that we like to use up estuaries with limited access YOUR PRODUCT IS AWSOME.  Hands down the best retractable system I have ever experienced. Everybody I show says the same thing. Simple , Lite Weight , Strong. The folding mechanism just blows me away.
I have attached a few pictures. I will send more due to the increase of use thanks to you Guys. You should be very proud of your product and I wish you guys all the success you deserve.

PS you may see increase in orders on the South Coast of NSW Australia. Everywhere I launch people are asking me about them. I am passing on your details.


Kind Regards
Ryan Brooks

Beachmaster boat launching wheels reveiw Wollongong NSW Australia

Great wheels just ordered my second set.



New Zealand.

Boat Launching Wheels Auckland New Zealand
Dinghy Wheels Auckland New Zealand

Thanks so much for our new wheels. Delivery was so fast to Australia and we love them. So much better in the sand than our previous ones. Happy wife, happy life.
Attaching some photos, hope you can use them.
Thanks again, cheers


Kevin Lord


Dinghy Sand Launching Wheels Australia
Beachmaster Sand Boat Wheels Australia

Subject: Another Happy Customer, Mission Accomplished.
Hi there,

The subject line says it all. Very happy with the beach master product. I'm glad I went with the quick disconnect, as I've had many compliments about my dingy setup for back pack camping. When I show them how quickly the wheels come off there is always a wow! Pictures are getting from my campsite to the water. The tag line would read "Taking the boat for a walk"..


Pictures are at Higgins Lake State Campground, Higgins lake, Michigan USA. Aug 2021


Thanks a bunch

Nigel USA

Boat Wheels Michigan USA
Skiff Wheels Michigan USA
Dinghy Wheels Michigan USA
Boat Transom Launching Wheels Michigan USA

Kia Ora Beachmaster

I recently purchased a set of your detachable wheels and so impressed and happy with your product and Kiwi design, you should be congratulated.
I had made some aluminium plates fitted to both sides of the thin transom to give more strength given I was attaching to a tinny. I also took the liberty of designing a boarding ladder for our diving trips, it fits beautifully to your support pins and interchangeable.
Tight lines.

Thank you
Neil Downing
Onetangi Beach – Waiheke Island

New Zealand

Detachable Boat Launching Wheels Auckland
Detachable Boat Launching Wheels
Detachable Boat Launching Wheels / Boarding Ladder
Detachable Boat Launching Wheels / Boarding Ladder
Detachable Boat Launching Wheels / Boarding Ladder
Detachable Boat Launching Wheels / Bow Handle
Fishing Boat Detachable Launching Wheels

Hi there Jenny, 

Want to thank you so much for the new set of wheels. The biggest mistake I made was trying to cut cost when I purchased my inflatable and buying the cheaper plastic set of wheels that were ok, but maybe really not preferable for my size inflatable. If I can give anyone some advice, it would be to not hesitate when considering the purchase of your set of wheels. They worked absolutely how I had hoped. So easy to use and tuck away just how you want. It has made my time at the boat ramps so much easier and I no longer have the problem of being stopped when rolling over holes or crevices. Thank you so much. I have included a couple of pics you may use if you like. They are from the old to the new. And putting the boat in and out.

Thanks again


NSW Australia

Boat Launching Wheels Australia

Hola Jenny 
Just finished installing and using my removable Beachmasters. I’m on the hook waiting on weather so I installed them on the beach. Easy to install and to use thanks so much. Oh and that’s a bald eagle hanging out with me while I work.

Port Townsend, Washington
Thom Deeds

Inflatable boat wheels USA
Thom Deeds 3.JPG
Boat Transom wheels USA

Hi there,

Greetings from California, USA.  Beachmaster wheels are the best launch wheel design I can find anywhere, amazing, really convenient to use!

Here are some photos and my inflatable dinghy, out for a spin.


California USA

Zodiac Boat wheels California
Zodiac inflatable boat wheels USA

To whom it may concern,
I would like to express my gratitude for such a well designed and high quality product at a reasonable price. I installed these on a new Highfield CL290 with a 9.8 Tohatsu and they work perfectly. I also manufactured a tow bar that allows me to tow the boat behind an ATV at slow speed a short distance for launching, thanks to the Beachmaster wheels on the back. I couldn't be more satisfied with this product and will gladly recommend to others.

Happy boating,

Ben Sabin
Hansville, Wa 98340 USA

ATV Quad Bike Boat Launching Wheels Washington USA
ATV Quad Bike Boat Launching
ATV Quad Bike Boat Launching

Please Note:   Beachmaster do not recommend vehicle towing.

                         The wheels are designed to be towed by hand at walking speed only.

Attached are a few photos of my install on a 2019 Zodiac Wave 310 Air Floor.  I tried using the blu tack method but it didn’t hold.  My suggestion is to purchase (USA) 8 1/2 inch deep u clamps from Harbor Freight ($6.99 each) and clamp the bracket in position.  Use a longer than usual 1/4” drill bit so your drill doesn’t hit the bracket and prevent you from drilling all the way through the transom.
My Harbor Freight was out of stock so I had to improvise.  I held my bracket in position, made sure of clearances, and with a hand level leveled and plumed it.  Holding it in place I drilled the first hole and put in the thru bolt.  I leveled and plumed it again and drilled the diagonal hole as per instructions and bolted.  Then I drilled the other two holes.  I attached the brackets bolting inside to out.  I did not want protruding bolt and nut inside the boat.  All holes filled with 5200 sealer as were bolts and bracket parts per instructions.  I could not be happier.

It took a while to get them in these COVID times, but I have done my research and the Beachmaster wheels are outstanding in quality and design. The removable brackets are ingenious.

Thank you. 

John PIcariello
Spotsylvania Virginia,USA

Dinghy Wheels Virginia USA
Boat Launching Wheels Virginia USA

Hi Jenny, I wanted to share some pictures of the installation first outing with the new wheels. They worked great! Beach pics are from Fort Clinch National Park near our home in Jacksonville, Florida.
We installed on our Zodiac Cadet 390 RIB with Yamaha 25hp.  I had to add spacers to accommodate the transom lip. 

Thanks for the great product!


Florida USA

Zodiac boat wheels Florida
Gabriel Azar 2.jpg

Hi Jenny. 

As you can see the Beachmaster wheels are on our Purdon dinghy. Previously it has been a real effort to get the dinghy out of the water and up this steep wooden boat ramp but not any more. We chose the detachable wheels as we leave the dinghy on the bank upside down. Next time, the wheels are on in seconds and  we can be back in the water with little effort heading  back to our yacht. 

Your wheels were highly recommended by our friend Chris Brearley of Barnes Bay Tasmania and we couldn't be happier. 

Congratulations on a great product. 


Tracy &, Russell Dobell-Mobbs 

Huon Valley 


Detachable / Removable boat wheels
Detatchable boat wheels

Hi Jenny,

Enclosed are pictures of our two dinghies with Beachmaster Wheels.

Our first set are on an old dinghy. We use it as a means to get to our yacht, on it’s mooring.

The wheels are terrific as it enables easy movement of the dinghy over the very rocky shoreline.

The latest pair we purchased have been fitted to our new tender, a Highfield rigid inflatable dinghy.

We purchased the dinghy with the proviso that we fitted Beachmaster wheels. Whilst we haven’t used the tender much,

we are very pleased with how manageable it is to move the dinghy, especially in the shed!!!

Great product, 

Thanks very much,

Chris Brearley 
Barnes Bay,

Beachmaster boat wheels Tasmania
Beachmaster wheels Highfield

Hi Jenny,

Thanks for the wheels

They make it possible to get to my house.

Shannon Gillen

Gig Harbor WA


Beachmaster Boat wheels USA

Hi there,
Thanks for the parts, sorry it took so long to get a photo.


New Zealand

Fishing dinghy wheels

Hi Jenny,


I have put the wheels on my 2.7 meter mac dingy.  We live in Rangitane and have our own jetty and boatramp.  In the past I had to pull the boat up on a beach trailer which required two people to do it.  Now with the beachmaster wheels I can easy to do it on my own.  The wheels are easy to use even through the mud and rock.  I fully recommend beachmaster wheels for the ease of use, installation and overall quality.


New Zealand

Beachmaster New Zealand Boat Launching Wheels

We absolutely love our Beachmaster wheels!

They installed effortlessly onto our Highfield Classic 340 dinghy and stay clear from our outboard. It’s nice having these easily tuck up and out of the way. Beaching our dinghy is now a one man job which is great! Thank you for a great product that works!


Jay & Janel


SV Limitless

Boat Launching wheels Florida Beachmaster

Hi Jenny,

I am attaching photos of my removable Beachmaster wheels in action in south Fiordland last summer.  They worked well on the 3.2 m inflatable. They made it really easy and safe to launch and retrieve the boat on sand and gravel beaches, without having to remove the outboard and tank.

Jon Lindqvist

New Zealand

Boat launching wheels beachmaster  beach wheels
Inflatable boat wheels Beachmaster New Zealand

Warm greetings from Bodtedt/Germany to New Zeeland.
Finally got the inflatable crafted together,the Slip Wheels are off.
Thats the absolute best thing l've ever had in my Hands. 
Thanks for the exellent quality to the manufacturer...



Boat Launching Transom Dolly Wheels Germany
Boat Launching Transom Dolly Wheels Germany


Hi folks,
Happy to say I received my Beachmaster Removable Mount Set of wheels and installed them on my 14’ Aluminum Boat that I use to get to my cottage North of Vancouver Canada.  Gotta say I love them!   I could easily pull my boat out of the water on rocky terrain without dragging the hull.  Excellent design and function.  I found the blu-tac methed of hole alignment made the first mount difficult to fit over the installed studs (hole accuracy is critical), so for the second wheel I just drilled 1/4” holes through the hull using the clamped-in eyelets as drill guides and installed one bolt after each hole drilled.  That seemed to work better for alignment. 
Considering doing the same for my inflatable boat next.  



Beachmaster Boat Launching Transom Wheels Canada
Beachmaster Skiff Transom Wheels Canada

Really enjoying the mobility here in KY/USA!
Painless installation (well, all but drilling holes in a brand new boat...I got over it) and full range of tiller motion with a simply great design. Well done! 

Pat Morley,

Danville KY USA

Beachmaster Boat Wheels USA
Beachmaster Boat Launching Yransom Wheels USA

Hi Jenny

I have just Received my boat, and Beachmaster wheels , and have just finished fitting them, I propped the boat up and used
your blutak  method with a few blocks of wood to hold the weight of the wheels, once  I had one set level etc I drilled one
hole and bolted it on with sealer under it, I then drilled and fitted the rest allowing the weight of the boat onto the wheel.
once checks the rest were sealed and tightened. I used big washers as others have done,

other folding wheels may be a bit cheaper but these are the best , I'm very happy with your product, and would totally
recommend to others who are considering wheels for their dingy, 

again many thanks and here's a few pics,


New Zealand

Removable Launching Wheels
Skiff Wheels
RIB wheels

Thanks for sending the wheels all the way from NZ to Scotland. The wheels were fitted and have been fully tested this past cruising summer; a really good product which transforms handling the dinghy out of the water. Highly recommended.

Picture taken in Tarbert Harbour, Loch Fyne, Scotland. The picture of our dinghy ashore is on the Isle of Bute, Scotland.

Best regards
Robert Horsford



I am very satisfied with the design, with the quality, I have never had of wheel so brilliant. I navigate in south Brittany in France, photo were taken in the Ile de Groix, I practise especially the fairground anchorage. 

Thank you

Philippe Ruault


Boat with wheels 3D Tender Beachmaster wheels
Boat with wheels 3D Tender Beachmaster wheels
Boat with wheels 3D Tender Beachmaster wheels

Hi Jenny


Just wanted to say that your product is faultless. It's easy to fit and is so simple to use.

The engineering is great and I expect it will last for years to come.

Our maiden voyage was to Castle Sween on the west coast of Scotland where the wheels proved their worth.


Many thanks for supplying a brilliant product.

Stuart Macdonald


demountable removeable boat dinghy wheels Beachmaster

I am very impressed with the build quality of these wheels.

They are excellent and everything I had hoped for from a set of dinghy wheels.


Bruce Hegge



Boat Launching Wheels Beachmaster
Boat launching Beachmaster
Towed boat launching wheels beachmaster

Please Note:   Beachmaster do not recommend vehicle towing.

                         The wheels are designed to be towed by hand at walking speed only.

Hi Jenny,

Photos of our kids loving the beachmaster wheels!

Thanks again,


New Zealand

Launching wheels NZ
Boat, Dinghy Wheels Beachmaster
Boat Launching
Boat Launching

Just wanted to say thank you for manufacturing such an incredible product. Your product has made getting my dingy from the motorhome to the water a breeze. There are not any manufacturers making wheels for boats in the United States, that even come close to the ease of operation and installation as your product does. These Beachmaster wheels are truly unique and very light for the sturdiness that they are. I'm so glad I was able to find and order your product from California, United States. Attached are two pictures of your product being used on a 10 1/2 foot dingy with a 6 hp motor on Little Grass Valley Reservoir in the Sierra Mountains of California. 

Thanks again for your exceptional service and product
Tom St Clair

California USA

We wanted to let you know how happy we are with your product.  They are high quality, easy to install, easy to use, fantastic!  I have enclosed a couple pictures and a short video of us rolling it down and into the water.  Also we wanted to say how pleased and amazed we were that it only took from Monday to Thursday to have them delivered and in our hands!  Your wheels are awesome. 



Bill & Jan Bodine

Sarasota, Florida, USA

Hi Jenny,

Thank you for you very prompt & efficient despatch of my order.


I installed the Beachmaster Removable Dinghy Wheels on my brand new 3m inflatable air deck dinghy last week and have spent most of the weekend out on the beautiful Gippsland Lakes, running in my 9.8HP O/Board and ensuring that I had no leaks after installing the wheel mounts. All good - no leaks.


The dinghy wheels are fantastic and enable me ( or anyone) to manage and move the dinghy - complete with outboard motor, fuel and other stuff - with very little effort.

Without the wheels, I could not manage all this by myself and it would require a lot more effort.


They are a dream come true and brought a smile to my face every time I activated the mechanism to launch or retrieve the dinghy. 


Everyone who has noticed the wheels attached to the transom has said what a great concept they are and I can only agree - brilliant.


I cannot say that installing the removable wheels was the easiest thing I have done - although I didn't  have any serious problems. I found the installation instructions somewhat confusing as their seemed to be bits of information in various locations;

1. Written instructions that came with the kit

2. Templates and photographic installation instructions on the website.


I didn't use the bluetack method of prefit- but used clamps, square and tape measure to determine  the best position for the wheels.

One of the things that I was mindful of was ensuring that the wheels would not interfere with the operation of the outboard motor - something I would recommend everyone bear in mind. I also tried to position the wheel brackets as far apart as possible on the transom - but not so far that the dinghys pontoon rubber seals would cause the four mounting studs to be uneven and not easily create a watertight seal on the back of the transom.


Your installation instructions and photos seem to relate to a hard shell dinghy rather than an inflatable. I think it would be helpful to add additional points to consider when installing onto an inflatable. Inflatables are ideally suited to the removable wheel model - thereby enabling the dinghy to be deflated and rolled up for transportation and storage.


This photo was taken after I had installed the wheels and outboard motor onto my inflatable air deck dinghy. They certainly take the hassle out of moving the dinghy about and make launching and retrieving a breeze.

I installed the removable wheel model so that I can deflate the dinghy for transportation and storage.

Best regards

Michael Pyne

Gippsland Lakes



Hi Jenny, 

My grandson can now launch his tinny through the mangroves by himself. Photo attached.



NSW Australia

Tinnie Launching


I thought you might like a picture of your product on the shores of Lake Tahoe, California. These wheels do just the trick on the rocky shoreline of Lake Tahoe. I couldn't manage without them. They're terrific!

Thank you,


Lake Tahoe Boat wheels
Lake Tahoe Beachmaster Launching wheels


Photos attached - appreciate the prompt service……

Nice piece of engineering, very impressed and they work as promised. I am looking forward to a long service life.

Kind Regards,


Tinny Wheels Beachmaster
Tinnie Launching Wheels Beachmaster

We love our new beachmaster wheels easy to assemble & super easy to use.

Allan Leach,

Callaga Bay NSW Australia.

Here is a picture of our dinghy with it's new wheels.  They work well on most of the beaches we are visiting here in the Northern Territory. So easy to pop on, and would highly recommend them. Takes the worry out of a high and dry heavy dinghy.
Dee Willis  


Wheels for Aluminium Boat Beachmaster


Just to let you know these wheels work great,used normally or with the inflatable upside down. It is a 3.2mtr Mercury with a 15hp Mercury motor and it is quite easy to launch and retrieve by one person.


Boat launching wheels
Dinghy wheels
Boat Wheels

Hi All,
Just sorting through pictures from our summer adventures on our sailboat, and would like to share this picture of my wife Anna and our inflatable tender with your Beachmaster boat wheels, at Mistake Island in downeast Maine.  Our first season with the wheels installed and they  proved to be a great asset!  Especially with the 14 foot tidal range of downeast Maine, we need to be able to roll the dingy up quite far on the beach to prepare for an incoming tide.  Thank you for a great design and ease of use!
Bob and Anna 
S/V Savannah
Maine, USA

Beachmaster, Boat Wheels, Dinghy Wheels, Maine USA


Now after using your product for half a year I can say that it is the best wheels on the market. I had no problems launching my 4m honwave with engine and gear on a sandy beach. It saves time and money when the closest  boat slip is far away. The design is fantastic! I love the way they retract and that always attracts attention of fellow boaters. Totally worth the money it costs!  

Anatolij from Lithuania

Launching Wheels
Launching Wheels

I just wanted to pass on my thanks for your great product. We recently bought the removable wheel set to fit to our 3.4m Zodiac. They work really well, the photos below were taken at Osprey bay in the Ningaloo Reef area in North Western Australia. As my boat is foldable, having a sturdy lightweight set or removable wheels was necessary. Your wheels performed very well both in the soft sand with two people lifting the boat and the wheels providing additional support when launching and landing. When on the hard surfaces they were also fantastic enabling me to manoeuvre the boat inclusive of motor and fuel tank by my self. I was particularly impressed with the engineering and sturdiness of the wheels given their light weight. When it came time to pack up they are very easily removed and stored, allowing me to fold the boat.


All the best

Andrew Maslen
Western Australia

Beach Wheels

Hi Jenny,


I'm very happy to say the Beachmaster wheels work great on our 12.5' Zodiac with 30hp Yamaha.  Excellent design, solid construction, easy deployment and unobtrusive when retracted.  The ordering and delivery process was fast and easy.  I highly recommend these wheels.


Here's a photo from Big Majors Spot, Bahamas.  Too much fun is almost enough.


Captain Bo

M/Y Rushmore

Beachmaster wheels

Dear Beachmaster,

Your wheels are Awesome.

I can finally move my 250 lbs dinghy by myself.
We normally need 3 people to move this dinghy.
Dinghy is a HighField CL 340 HYP.

Pictures attached.



Highfield boat wheels
Beachmaster foldable wheels
Launching wheels Highfield dinghy

Dear Jenny

Herewith some pics of the Beachmaster wheels now installed on my AB10.

32mm solid white nylon bar was cut to 25mm in length to space the wheels away from the transom to clear the hull and they work fine.

Best wishes,



Dinghy wheels UK


I was so impressed with your Beachmaster wheels, I purchased a second set of wheels for my other tender.

I own a Perry 43 catamaran & have two tenders that fit on the targa bar. The fibreglass cat tender I use on Lake Macquarie & the Naiad inflatable tender with a metal bottom I use when I'm cruising up & down the coast.

I have used other beach wheels with little success. The Beachmaster wheels are extremely easy to operate & have solved the problem of moving the tenders on dry land.

The recent purchase of your wheels was on the 2/5/16.

I have attached a couple of photos.

Bob Rudd

NSW Australia

Beachmaster boat wheels
Beachmaster launching wheels

Hi, I would like to say that we are very happy with your dinghy wheels, they are so well manufactured and work extremely well on my 3.8m Beachmaster Aakron inflatable.

They make such a difference when beaching and launching. Just amazing!

Many thanks 
Warren and Toni 


Beachmaster Boat Launching Wheels
Beachmaster dinghy wheels
Beachmaster wheels

I have attached a couple of photos that I thought you might be interested in viewing.

The photos were taken at property that we own in the federal Kootznoowoo wilderness on northern Admiralty Island in Alaska.  Our property borders a very productive salmon stream (Wheeler Creek) and as a result, during the mid-summer and late-summer months we have a substantial amount of brown bear activity in and around our property who feed on the salmon.  We use the Zodiac shown in the photo to navigate up and down the stream, and often go out on the nearby ocean.  Wheeler Creek drains into Southeast Alaska’s ocean waters.

However, due to the bear activity in the area, we are not able to leave the Zodiac out overnight near the edge of the Creek as the bears would like “play” with the Zodiac and would probably puncture it.  Before buying and installing the Beachmaster tire set, we had to deflate the Zodiac every time that we used it and haul about 200-yards to store it safely in a shed near our cabin.  It was a big hassle.  Now with the Beachmaster tire set I can simply pull the Zodiac (inflated) to our cabin using a Rokon that I have on the property, store it overnight, and then the next day haul it down to the Creek to use that day.  It avoids having to inflate, and deflate the Zodiac.  This inflating and deflating the Zodiac sounds like a simple process but this process took a lot of time and effort—with the Beachmaster boat wheels all of that hassle is avoided.

I really like your product and am installing on another Zodiac that I have on another cabin that we have about 30 miles from our Wheeler Creek property.

Jerry Reinwand
Juneau, Alaska

Boat launching wheels Alaska
Boat wheels Alaska
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