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1. Wash the mounting bracket and boat transom with water and detergent to remove all grease and dirt.

Place 5 pieces of mounting putty or poster putty, such as Bostik Blu-Tack, as shown.  

2. With the boat raised off the ground, Blu-Tack the wheel to transom.

Press the mounting bracket onto the transom in the desired position.

Check with a ruler that the wheel has at least 10mm (3/8 inch) clearance to the bottom of the boat hull.

3. Check the wheel will lock properly when retracted.

4. Drill only one of the top holes through the transom with a 6 mm or 1/4 inch drill bit.

5. Place a bolt through the hole and lightly tighten the nut.

Use M6 or 1/4 inch 316 stainless steel bolts and nuts.

Fit large washers on the inside of the transom.

Bolts, nuts and washers are not supplied .

The  length  of bolts required depends on the thickness of the boats transom.

The correct bolt length for the removable mount wheels is:

Bolt Length = Transom thickness + Washer thickness + Nut length + 18mm. 

6. Check that the assembly is still in position then drill and bolt the opposite corner.


 7. Continue to drill and bolt the rest of the holes.

8. Remove from the transom and apply sealant to the mounting studs and bolts.

Use high quality plumbers putty or a neutral cure silicone or a marine polyurethane sealant.

9. Refit the mounting studs and bracket and lightly tighten the bolts using Nyloc locking nuts.

Use large stainless steel washers under the nuts on the inside of the transom.

Final tightening of the bolts should be done with the boat supported by the wheels to help centre the studs in the stud holes.

10. Unclip the wheel and clean off excess sealant off the mounting studs to finish.

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