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Tried our new wheels out at Lake Lyndon. 
Fantastic product nice and easy to fit.

Thankyou beachmaster.

Craig and Angela Grundy
Christchurch NZ.

Beachmaster boat wheels lake launching
Beachmaster wheels lake launching
Craig and Angela Grundy 3.jpg

I purchased a set of your wheels a couple of months ago for my 3.5 mtr inflatable. I’d had another type of wheel but they
got stuck in sand and were just not satisfactory.

I’m certainly impressed with the performance of the  Beachmaster wheels.

We camp on the edge of a beach and I designed  a system to attach the boat to the car.

We simply drive down onto the beach, unhook the boat and push it into the water.

Very impressed


New Zealand

Please Note:   Beachmaster do not recommend vehicle towing.

                         The wheels are designed to be towed by hand at walking speed only.

Hi team,

Just wanted to say thank you for great service and an even better product.

I've  had a lot of interested people having a look.
Attached two photos.


Regards Russell 
Cairns Australia 

Boat launching system
Skiff Launching

Hi Jenny,
Attached are a couple of pictures taken last winter while we were in Fiji.  The photos were taken on an isolated beach in Falaga, a remote island at the extreme southern end of the Fiji Lau Group.  I can't extol enough how Beachmaster wheels made our life so much easier when beaching our 3.12mtr Avon dingy with a 15hp motor, petrol and anchor, all weighing about 108kg.  Why anyone would buy the small plastic wheels when they can have Beachmasters is beyond me.  The pneumatic tires don't dig into soft sand, so pulling the dingy onto a beach is truly a one-person job.  The easy up & down mechanism is really great engineering.  I highly recommend Beachmasters to anyone wanting dingy wheels.

John Himmelmann 

Zodiac boat wheels
Zodiac inflatable wheels

Hi Jenny,

I received the wheels and extra mounting studs for the removable bracket option, thanks great product.


The beach we are dealing with is rocky, small rocks, barnacles, very rough sand.

I had encouraged my grumpy elderly father to get some wheels several years ago, they did not hold up, too flimsy cheap real POS.  Hence they broke and Dad gave up on the wheel idea.

I saw your product and could see that it was a real product not a disposable piece of junk.

Installed mounting pins on two dinghies in one short day moving pretty slow during a heat wave of 95 degrees F here in Puget Sound, this did require about 6 beers during the install as well. Also a run to the hardware store for some larger washers etc.

One dingy is FRP the other is marine grade plywood w/ penetrating epoxy finish and paint.

Instructions were great, Beachmaster is a very high quality product.  Thanks.

BTW- I seldom write reviews, but am impressed with your product.  Shipping to Seattle was only one week from time of order to delivery.





Just dropping you a line to say how very much I am impressed with your retractable dinghy launch wheels.
I bought a set earlier on in the year. After much searching through the internet I was unable to
find any detachable launch wheels of comparable quality and although yours may not be the cheapest the engineering and operation put these into a league of their own.
I enclose photos of the wheels fitted to my SIB a Mercury 365 HD which with the outboard weighs approx 150 Kg.

Thanks for making a truly remarkable product.
John Kreedman

Gorleston, UK

Beachmaster Wheels, Detachable, Removeable, SIB, RIB
Beachmaster Wheels, UK Boat Wheels
Boat WHeels

Hi Jenny


Very many thanks for the wheels you sent me in May …which you dispatched to a friend who has now arrived in Shropshire within the UK.  They’re exactly as I expected and exactly what I needed for my 1990s-built American 12-foot aluminium Jon boat - bought principally because I live in a flood plain and wish to have on standby for problems as and when they arise - not to mention occasional paddling in the nearby River Severn.


I’ve attached a few before- and after-pictures of my boat.  You’ll remember that I asked for an additional set of mounting studs with a view to installing the wheels in the conventional way and also inverted (it’ll occasionally be stored outside and also has to be wheeled onto a trailer on which I cannot carry it upright).  As it turns out, I’ve used only half the spare set - the middle pair of studs on each side fulfilling both roles.  You’ll see also that I’ve reinforced the transom with lengths of one-inch aluminium square tube (tube walls are 10swg or about 3.2mm thick - so it’s very robust). I’ve used stainless steel allen-key head bolts - very easy to fit and aesthetically well matched to your mounting studs.


best wishes



Jon Boat Wheels 4
Jon Boat Wheels 1
Jon Boat Wheels 2
Jon Boat Wheels 3

Hi there,
I selected beachmasters because they are compact when folded on the transom, the wheels are pneumatic which prevents shaking the boat to bits over concrete or rough ground, the wheels are large enough to ensure they roll rather than dig in, the wheels have plenty of tread so they can deal with sharp rocks and shells, they are made of non-rusting materials, the mechanism is very easy to use and locks the wheels positively up or down, I could not make anything as good and at the price they sell for, I could find nothing better.

I got the wheels within 30 hours of the payment being initiated- thats amazing.

When I got the wheels I was very happy because- the wheels were larger than I had imagined, every pivot on the mechanism has thrust washers fitted, all the fastenings are of excellent quality, the folding mechanism is really really neat and clever.
I am a maintenance, marine and reliability engineer, and after detailed inspection I can,t fault them.
I feel lucky to have such a great product available, let alone at such a good price.
Thank you
Steve Melrose

New Zealand

Boat wheels
Skiff wheels


I wanted to thank you for my set of removable boat wheels. I had been using a launching trolley for my Honwave T30 AE and 20hp Honda outboard. This always proved to be a tricky task when launching and retrieving my rib as I had to leave the trolley on the beach or slipway and have extra hands to keep the rib on the trolley. After plenty of research and scanning the internet for launching wheels I discovered Beachmaster. What a joy to have on the back of my rib, well made and durable, easy to fit, easy to remove and no problem when out on the surf. The only modification made was to attach two wires to the wheels in case they were to come loose or fall off, NO need! There was lots interest from other rib owners as the Beachmaster wheels aren’t available off the shelf in the UK. They were worth every penny, including the tax, making my boating experiences a lot less physical. Please find attached a couple of pic’s from my recent three week stay at Pentewan Sands, Cornwall, England. With some soft and some hard sand areas it was a breeze launching.

Steve Brittain


Beachmaster, Boat Wheels, Dinghy Wheels, Customers Photos
Beachmaster, Boat Wheels, Dinghy Wheels, UK

Sailing Vessel Infinity of Hamburg, tender with removable mount Beachmaster boat wheels.

Beachmaster, Boat Wheels, Dinghy Wheels Customers Photos 7
Beachmaster, Boat Wheels, Dinghy Wheels Customers Photos 8

Dinghy wheels have been on the boat for a couple of weeks. Every bit as good as I hoped.

1st outing was a rough sand 4wd track onto the beach. The boat is 70kg RIB, with 25L fuel, 25hp Merc, and probably another 20kg of gear.

It rolled up and down the track like it was a concrete path.

Thanks heaps!


New South Wales, Australia

These wheels are tops !!!! Thanks. Fast service. Work great !!!

Dana Prentiss 


 Towing handle made by Dana, it is removable and floats.

Hi there.

Finally fitted the mounts on our well.

Photos are attached.



New Zealand

Please Note:   Beachmaster do not recommend vehicle towing.

                         The wheels are designed to be towed by hand at walking speed only.



The dinghy wheels have performed brilliantly with the inflatable and 25hp motor.  I am very pleased with them thanks.

Here are some photos of the boat on Ohope Beach, Whakatane.




Beachmaster Boat Launching Wheels Customers Photos 5
Beachmaster Boat Launching Wheels Customers Photos 6

I would like to thank you and Beachmaster for a great and innovative product.

With the limited selection in the design of dinghy wheels offered in the USA, I was glad to find someone who thinks outside the box. 

The Beachmaster dinghy wheels stand above the rest in engineering, quality and function. These wheels are well thought out in the application of its use.

I would not hesitate to recommend this system to anyone. 


Olympia, Washington, USA.

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